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Class registration closes on 9/20

September 9, 2014

Just a quick post to show an abandoned bunch of quilt squares that I patched together and assembled into a quilt top. I liked the colors, but didn’t have enough squares to really plan out a beautiful quilt. So I used a lot of background and this is what I came up with: 10653388_1478730409048192_877553512444938279_n

I like it, but feel that it may not be complete. The mochachino colored background was something that I picked up several years ago and I couldn’t get more of it at Joann’s. They did have a lighter version of it and I’m thinking of using that as a border along with the final 4 squares (2 pinwheels and 2 16 patch) to complete this. 

The October classes in Richmond begin on 10/1. As of now, I don’t have enough registrations to hold class. Last month, I had one person registered in each class on the 20th (end of registration) and all classes were cancelled. By  the night of class 9 people had called to register…..2 on the day of class.  I’m sad to say, that I can’t wait until the evening of class to hold or cancel folks. It’s not fair to the people who register in advance and block their schedule to make time for the class and then I would have to cancel once we all arrive.  Please email me for a registration form and get it back to me by 9/20 if you want to take the class. The Chesterfield class begins 10/1 at 6 pm and the Short Pump class begins on 10/2 at 6 pm.

The youth classes begin on the same dates, but at 4:30.

I hope to see you in class. We won’t be making quilts, but will be learning to make clothing from commercial patterns, instead.


Wonderful quilt guild meeting

August 19, 2014

Tonight the quilt guild I’m a member of had our Aug. meeting. For 2 hours before the meeting, we tied quilts. These quilts are held for the possibility that a family has a housefire and gets burned out of their home. When this happens our guild loving envelops the family with a handmade quilt (metaphorically). I have been wanting to get back into philanthropic sewing and tonight was the beginning of that. The women in the guild are so generous of spirit, that they inspire me. Loved our meeting.

Despite the generosity of spirit, it’s hard to get volunteers for some things. One of those is serving as an officer. As a result, my friend, Bernadette, and I volunteered to be program co-chairs for this year. I’ve very excited. We will do a wonderful job. Bernadette is fun and energetic. Yippee :D

We also sew quilts for the residents of the local nursing home and I brought home squares to make a lap quilt top….. maybe the entire quilt. We’ll see how quickly I can get it done. Remember, our house is not finished and we are living in it with no power in the sewing room and our kids are coming and bringing our grandson with them. We will be busy getting ready for that visit, as the grandson is a new crawler.

Registrations for the September sewing classes in Short Pump and Chesterfield are coming along, but if we are to have an after-school class at either location, I’ll need a few more registrants.

Gotta go sew, while the adrenaline level is high. 

After-school sewing classes, Richmond, VA 2014

August 14, 2014

Registration is open for another 11 days for the after-school sewing class.
All levels, including non-sewing are welcome.
Class meets 4:30 – 5:30 on Wednesdays in Chesterfield and on Thursdays in Short Pump.
$60 for Sept
PayPal accepted.
Ages 8+
No weekly admissions. Registration is monthly
Contact me for details and a registration form.
804 869 7920
804 313 9717
Leave a message at both numbers. Work takes us on the road much of the week.

Fall 2014 sewing classes in Richmond, va area

August 14, 2014

The adult beginners classes begin again on 9/3 in Chesterfield and on 9/4 in Short Pump.
We meet each week and students will learn sewing machine use, use of a commercial sewing pattern. Students will be presented with instruction for the completion of a complete garment in the session.
Supplies for the class must be purchased from Hobby Lobby for class participation. They let me teach at their store in exchange for this one request.
Contact me if you need details and a registration form.
804 869 7920
804 313 9717

We travel a lot for work, so please leave a message on both numbers or send an email. And the registration mailing address is WV even though the class is in VA. Each Hobby Lobby location can verify the validity of my classes.
Hope to see you in class.

Spaces still available for Aug. sewing camps

August 2, 2014

There are spaces still available at both locations for the kids sewing summer camp.
Chesterfield 9 am-noon
Short Pump 3pm-6pm


Completion of the July Summer Sewing camp for kids

July 22, 2014

WE had a great time in the July summer sewing camp at Glen Allen. I Hated for this class to end. The students were a wonderful group. This young lady sewed a pencil skirt in black and white, DSC_0018-3 then made a clutch purse to match.

This student made 2 pairs of PJ pants, 2 zippered pillows, 2 zippered 3-D pouches and a canvas tote bag. DSC_0018 Some of her work was done at home, but as a part of re-inforcing what she was learning in class. Great job. She is quite the crafter other than sewing. Not her lovely earrings, which she made.DSC_0021

I love this tunic.DSC_0019 This student choose a more challenging project. Her top had a collar and a self-faced button placket down the front. She not only was working with very fine fabric, but learned to make button-holes and to install a collar with a collar band. Good Job!

Our fourth student made a pair of PJ’s, and 2 tops for her American Girl dolls. One was a stretch knit (challenging) and the other was a woven fabric. 

Thanks for a great week girls and hope you have a great time sewing the rest of your summer.

If you are interested in enrolling, or in enrolling your child in one of my sewing classes, I have 1 session left for kids this summer. It’s 8/11-15. The two locations are the Chesterfield Hobby Lobby and the Glen Allen Hobby Lobby. The Chesterfield classes are 9am-noon and the Glen Allen classes from 3-6 pm. 

The next adult classes being on 9/3. Adults wanting to take a beginners class with me can register for the Wed. night Chesterfield class, which meets from 6-8 pm on the 4 Wednesday evenings in Sept, or the Glen Allen class on Thursday evenings from 6-8 on the 4 Thursdays in Sept. 

email me for a registration form

or call me at 804-869-7920   or 804-313-9717

Let’s have some sewing fun!

More on the summer sewing fun

July 17, 2014

What a great week. My advanced student is making great progress on her project and learning a variety of seam treatments along the way. She has done several encased and bound seam treatments on this project. It’s a very filmy fabric, which adds to the complexity of the project. DSC_0002This student gets a lot done both in class, and at home. I never hesitate to push her a bit to stretch her capabilities and she’s always up to the challenge. Tomorrow, we do a little disassembly on a previous project, to see if we can find a better fit. 

Another student, who I hope to see again is a very independent and aggressive learner. Unlike students who get the cart ahead of the horse and have to seam-rip excessively because they didn’t wait for instructions, she listens attentively and acts immediately. Despite the fact that she is busy with athletics this summer also, when I suggested that she make a duplicate project at home, DSC_0009to insure she was grasping the concepts, she surprised me by bringing it in the next day….. COMPLETED! DSC_0011She has finished a third project and tomorrow, will complete a fourth! That’s a first for one of my beginners.DSC_0019 What a go-getter.


This student zipped through her first project, DSC_0006to be sure she had the basics down pat, and then dove into her real passion for sewing right now, clothes for her American Girl Doll. DSC_0016 These aren’t easy to make and I’m putting fairly close-up pics so you can see that she has done nice seam finishing with seam tape and narrow hems or shirttail hems and sewn-in velcro. DSC_0017 BTW, yes, that is stretch knit and those are 1/4″ seams.DSC_0018That’s no small challenge with a sewing machine, not a serger. 

Check out this final student’s work. DSC_0010

She made a beautiful pencil skirt that looks custom tailored. She worked diligently to get every seam correct and a great fit. She was determined to fix any error and complete any repetitive work at home, to make the most of class time. The hem is a blind hem done without a blind hem foot. I am proud of her. That was a real challenge for a beginner, and something many folks come to me to learn. Tomorrow; a clutch bag!


Almost everyone did a little hand-sewing today to give their projects a little polish and to finish some facings. DSC_0014Tomorrow is the last day of this session and I’ll miss these girls and their commitment to learning to sew. I’ve loved this week.



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