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Great Class last night!

September 22, 2009

OH, we had a wonderful class last night.  It was just a few of us, but one student brought her own machine, and it just wouldn’t sew smoothly. We were moving along at such a pace that I couldn’t find time to check out her machine (she was using one of mine). About half way through class, we determined that the problem HAD to be a misthread in the upper part of the machine.  After 10 minutes trying, we finally decided that it was a bobbin thread issue. FIXED and sewing in no time;0) She has a machine that is push button for embroidery, and chooses to sew with the push button also. I feel that we have more control over the stitch line if we keep our hands on the fabric and use our feet for the acceleration/decelleration and stop/start.  It will be interesting to see what works best for her.

Each student got her bag sewn, and learned to sew a straight line, to use stitch witchery, to press seams, how to adjust stitch length and width, how to wind a bobbin and load it properly and much more!.  Next week, we begin our Jammie Pants!!!!!  I’ll try to put photos up.


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