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Fave students

October 3, 2009

You know “Favorite students” is not allowed, but I LOVE my students.  Today’s student is one of my all time favorites!  She travels a lot and she is a thrift store junkie!!!!  I like them too. So she brought back an AMAZING sweater from a thrift store in LA and tells me we’ll share it!  She means we’ll take it apart and each of us can have a portion, to sew stuff out of. And I’m lovin’ it.  You have to see the sweater!  I’ll post pictures tomorrow, because I would think it’s a one-of-a-kind, but it’s lable makes me think not.  Anyway, she also brings me 3 fabrics that have been handed down to her and she is passing them on to me.  Well, I really love pink and green an one of them is….. maybe more than one. We had a blast.  Who’s gonna bring another person a thrift store sweater, and say,” we’re gonna rip it apart and share it”?  And who’s gonna think that’s the best idea in the world?  That’s the way it worked.  Oh and the price tag on the sweater was less than $4.00, then she got %50 off!!! Hahahahahaha.  Life is good with people like I have in my life.

She came to me without a blink of an idea how to sew, and now it’s her life!  Well, she is in love with it anyway.  I introduced her to youtube and sewing videos there, Threadbanger, and Altered Coutour and she’s having a blast, designing up a storm, and really helping me know how rewarding teaching is.  Sometimes it’s easy to forget.  Pictures tomorrow.

Oh yeah, she brought me a bag full of zippers too.  That’s the second time in my life I have been given a huge bag of zippers…. not in packages,  just a big bag of zippers.  To me, it’s like a bouquet of gardenias, or something.  How do they know?  Is there some zipper pheramone?


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