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beginner sewing class

November 11, 2009

In today’s class, we traced the pattern for Pajama pants. This is the second day of this class. Day one, we made a double drawstring bag. Next week, we sew the pajamas!  Some students have asked,”why do you trace the pattern, instead of just cutting it out?” Well, for Pajamas, If I keep the pattern intact, I can use it for myself, or any member of my family, because one of us is XL, one is L, one is M and one is S. Tracing the Pattern means I can re-use for for any family member since I still have all sizes available.  Another reason for my students to keep patterns intact is many of the students are either young mothers sewing for their kids, or young grandmothers sewing for their grands. The patterns are good for the child as s/he grows, or for subsequent grandkids.  In this picture, you can see where this pattern has been traced with a Sharpie marker. I don’t recommend that, but have used the pattern to teach kids, and they use it to bleed through to the fabric, instead of tracing;0) It does deteriorate the pattern, though. This one pattern has been used to make at least 25 pairs of PJ’s!  I bought a new copy of the pattern today, because I need to make a pellon copy, for my own personal use, obviously.

My own work in the sewing studio is a pair of fitted pants and a corduroy skirt. I’m also devising a pattern for leggings, and a turtleneck pullover pattern. There wasn’t a pattern for either item in the pattern books at the fabric store today???!!! Hope to see you in the studio some time!


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