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Sewing to give to others

November 11, 2009

Some of you know I’ve been looking for a “ministry”, or way of using my gifts and talents to give back/glorify God, and a friend who is very generous is making clothes for children in need. It sounds like something I really want to do, so I’m going to open the studio to volunteers once a month to make clothes for kids in need. This is for kids who don’t have clothes. I’m not talking about kids who want more clothes, but kids who really need a new set of clothes because they haven’t got clothing that isn’t falling apart. My friend is doing it for a mission in Kenya. Maybe I can jump on that effort? If you want to get involved with this, contact me, and I’ll let you know the first work day. It’s my hope to have 3 people cutting out, 4-6 people sewing and 2 others to keep us going (maybe pinning, etc) we would be doing girl clothes one odd months: Jan,Mar,May,July,Sept,Nov. and Boys clothes on even Months: alternate. Cherri

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