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Grandma’s Fan quilt

November 21, 2009

Today, some friends took me to the quilt auction in St. Mary’s, MD. I say took me because everyone knows I never leave the studio except to go to work somewhere else, or to go home and to bed. The auction was enlightening. It provides for some of the needs of the Amish community there. Other things are actually auctioned off also, but the lovely, hand-stitched quilts are the ‘draw’. We were dashing up front, to see some of the quilts they were raising for bidding, then re-evaluating what was ‘waiting in the wings’, and checking to see who sewed them, and generally admiring the quality that seems to come from patience, which frequently accompanies age.  Anyway, as we are dashing back and forth, laughing and having a good time admiring the craftsmanship, I talked, as friends do, about which ones I liked.  I’m not a quilt connoisseur, just a fiber artist who loves color, composition, and quality, so as I speak, I’m just flowing from the heart, and childish exuberance. At the end of our day at the auction, my friend presented me with the loveliest quilt she purchased – Grandma’s Fan .  This is large enough for a king size bed, and has 1175 pieces in it! I counted them! Silly, huh?

The colors are lovely and many of the fabrics are the same ones that I have bought throuh the years to use in the rug weaving classes with my summer students! It feels like my very own quilt. I love it! And it’s my Christmas gift. Here is a picture of it on my bed

It’s such a kindness and truly a gift;0) And you know how much the lady who made it is thankful that God’s gift through her hands has contributed to the well-being of her community. I want to contribute to God’s community using His gifts to me. Still waiting on a call back about the Kenya Mission’s needs for clothes. In Jan. we are just going to start making the dresses, and find a home for them when the dresses are ready. Who wants to help make the clothes for kids who truly don’t have clothes to cover their bodies? Can you do it Jan 9? I can open the studio up for us to work from 10-4. You can work all day, or in shifts. I need people to cut out, people to sew the garments together, and people to sew buttons on.


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