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More Roman Shades

December 1, 2009

Well, Kara’s roman shades are so pretty, that I finally decided to do some for myself. Last night, I went to Hancock on Broad St. In general, I was just killing time, waiting for my husband to meet me over at Lonestar for dinner. While waiting, I espied this wonderful fabric that would be great in the window of the master bedroom. But….. it was $12.00/yd.  That’s a great price, but no in my price range 26 days before Christmas.

I went on to my dinner date, and talked with my DH about re-doing the MB since we’ve been in the house 11 years without doing any major decorating, but things have begun to look a bit shabby (without the chic). He came down and checked out the fabric and he LIKED it! He pretty much begins to go into anaphylactic shock whenever he is near a fabric store, so a coherent and encouraging response was not anticipated.  I got the 3 yards it would take to do the one window, and was in for a shock of my own. The $36.00 piece of fabric was $9.00!!!!!! It had been marked down tremendously.  Now, I had to have the whole bolt, but some idiot had just had a 3 yd  piece cut off (oh, was that me?).  I got all 12 yds,  for $36.00. Now to decide what to do with the rest. Roman shades for the french doors? Pillows? Bolsters?   There are about 8 window treatment and household sewing books coming in right now also. Every once in a while, I see something on Amazon that leads me from one thing to another, and I wind up buying a shelf full of books about related matters.  One thing I always like to buy are the singer reference library books. That was such a good series.

Ah well, it’s time to go teach weaving. I’ll put up a picture of this great fabric later.


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