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Sewing Classes in Richmond, VA

January 6, 2010

Yesterday was a day full of classes.  My morning and evening classes were weaving on the loom, and you can read about them on the River city weaves blog.

The sewing class yesterday was a kids sewing class. We met afterschool, and hopefully, this will become an ongoing group.  The kids were very enthusiastic…. very positive and eager to learn to use their machines.  They were also really nice kids to have in the studio.  Yesterday, they learned to wind their bobbin, thread the upper, and install the bobbin, sew a straight line, what the various knobs and levers are on the machine, pivot a corner, and use fusible seam product.  They were so excited when they left. They want to sew their jammie pants, curtains for their rooms, zippered pillows, and so much more.  It takes me back so many years to when I was learning. And to be honest with you, I still love to sew so much that It thrills me to think I will get to sit at my machine and create something.

It was a wonderful class, and I hope to get a couple more after-school sewing classes going. Lovely day in the studio!

Other news on sewing classes: I have a Thurs. evening class that should begin this Thurs 1/7, that doesn’t have sufficient enrollment to begin this week (and I’m visiting Baltimore this week, with one of my kids. we are visiting colleges this year). So, I’m postponing the Thurs. night sewing class until next week, 1/14. Class meets at 6:30 and we sew until 9:00. If you want to sign up, e-mail me and let me know. It’s too close to the date to mail registration forms and have them arrive before class.

Don’t forget, I offer private lessons also. So if your schedule doesn’t fit well with my class schedule, we can still get you on your sewing machine.  Saturday, 1/9, is our benevolent sewing day this month. If you have sewing experience and are willing to help, please send me an e-mail and let me know you will be coming. We are sewing size 10/12 dresses for the girls who benefit from a mission in Kenya. Can you help? This month, we have fabric, but need workers.


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