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Volunteers sewing for the needy

January 9, 2010

Today was the first of our workdays to produce clothing for the kids at the mission in Kenya. Only three of us could make it, but we were workhorses!  We cut out 8 dresses, sewed side and shoulder seems on all of them. got all of them faced, and finished 4 of them completely. The pattern is a easy sew, and says it only takes an hour, but that is a gross underestimation.

We got so much joy out of doing this and working together today, that we are all looking forward to next month.  The criteria for the dresses were that they needed to hold up to the washing techniques in some of the remote villages in Kenya, which is beating/pounding on the rocks, no zippers, preferrably no buttons, and they should have sleeves.  We changed the closure to a tie closure to avoid buttons, and we sewed the side and shoulder seems X2 for strength.  The interfacing is top stitched, and the facing ‘tacking’ is stitched in the ditch for strength also.

If anyone can come by the studio on Monday and work, I’m hoping to finish these up, myself on Monday.

This workday is very much like an old fashioned sewing/quilting bee and very nurturing to the soul. Please join us sometime.


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