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Finished the Jan – Sewing After-school class

January 27, 2010

I fully intended to get pictures of the kids success in the studio. BUT….. the last day of class is so hectic! Everyone got their PJ’s done, except one student still needs to hem hers.  Everyone finished their drawstring bag, there was much seam ripping yesterday. The girls were so into pushing though their project to completion, that they were slowing themselves down with ‘hurrying’. We know how that goes. Getting in a rush always seems to slow me down.

One student also finished a zippered pillow. Great Job. She is a very careful worker with a great work ethic. That says a lot for an 11 year old.  I’m proud of the girls, and hope we are able to get a Feb. class together for Monday afternoons. If you can’t make Mondays work, please let me know what works for you, and I may have a couple students interested in moving to your day.

Home-schoolers are welcome in this afternoon class, or I’m happy to put together a class earlier in the day for your home-school group of 4 or less.

See you in the studio!


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