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Pillows & pouches, napkins and tying up loose ends

January 28, 2010

We finished up the Wed. night sewing class, with several quick see and do lessons. I showed the students how to make a simple knife edge pillow pouch into a 3-dimensional cushion cover. They were ver interested in learning to make cloth napkins, and I showed them some projects from a few magazines that they might want to pick up. One of those projects was a shirred scarf. I had made one up to show them how easy it is sto make, and it took about 40 minutes. AND although I didn’t think I would like the scarf, I really do … and have plans for making another.

All-in-all, we finished very well. I wish I had taken pictures of the napkins. I did show them how to applique a simple shape onto their napkins also.  It was a little challenging to change my class format, but I’m generally thankful for a challenge. The students seemed pleased, and as usual, I have added to my ‘friend bank’.

I’ll try to duplicate the projects we did, and post pictures over the weekend. Today, is very, very busy with a church function this morning, 2 private lessons this afternoon, then an art-after-school class at the Visual Art Center of Richmond by 2:45!  Tomorrow, I’ll be at Loyola University, doing a college visit with one of my kids. (I want to go to the aquarium at Baltimore Harbor late Sat…… shhhhh don’t tell her;0).

I’ll be back in the studio on Sat. and am thinking about teaching Sat. sewing classes beginning in Feb. Any takers?

Quilting classes should begin later this month on Sunday afternoons. Please let me know if you are interested. We still need one more student to have enough to hold the class. Hoping to hear from you.


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