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Snowy day sewing

February 10, 2010

Well, it’s so beautiful here, in rural Virginia, in all this snow, that I thought I was snowed in.  Schools were closed because of a morning blizzard, and yet it was such a dry snow, that at 1:00 pm, the roads are clear and quite passable. It would never have occurred to me, however, as I am in “snowed-in” mode. Believing that we would be snowed in yet again, I cut out pieces to do some Grandma’s fan quilt squares,

and I already have “upholstery cushion cover” project that I’m working on, so I knew that provided we kept electricity, this would be a fun internment.  The fans only took about an hour, because I only had about 40 pieces available to work with. If you look closely, you can see that the patterned fabric is leftover scraps from the dresses our group is making for the kids in Kenya.

Once the fans were finished, I pushed myself toward the upholstery fabric, and DARN, I missed. I wound up with a couple of rolls of decorator fabric, and a crazy apron on my mind.  So I made a reversible apron that criss-crosses straps in the back.  Here are some pics before it was pressed, top-stitched, and washed to soften it. Then, On to the cushions, which I’m working on now. They may take a while…. today, a Sat in mmmmmm, let’s say, April, and maybe a Tues in Aug.  Yea, that’s probably about the timing for getting something done without a deadline, or a contract on it.

The red/orange fabric is a medium weight decorator plain weave (tabby), while the green is a pique or jacquard with long floats on the back. So when I made the pockets, I chose to cut the floats on the back-side, and accent the texture created.  I like the apron, but it definitely looks heavy here. We’ll see how it is when it comes out of the dryer.  It will be great in teh kitchen, anyway.

Well, the cord calls. Much to do. Hope you are enjoying the weather. AND

See you in the studio.


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