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Summer Sewing Camp for kids in Richmond, VA

March 25, 2010

I am working on the schedule for Summer Sewing Camps. There will be 4 weeks of camp.  Each will be a half day camp. Every week, there are opportunities for beginners, and for intermediates. Generally, they alternate from week to week as to which is offered in the morning. In addition to beginning sewing, there are weeks for “Kids who Sew” and they incorporate : clothing and decor, accessories, Costuming for high school theater productions, and Independent project wee (the last week).

Watch for the information later today. There should be a Camp Schedule in the box to the right by the end of day, along with a registration form. I have a week or two available in June for Sewing- Boot Camp if students get out of school early enough after making up all the crazy snow-days.

Please check the Policy page regarding missed classes, because there is not way to make-up missed days in a summer camp sesssion, as there aren’t make-up days in the after-school program for student/parent initiated absences.


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