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Rotary cutting through multiple layers and dressmaking

March 30, 2010

You can cut through several layers of fabric at a time with rotary cutters. This gives me a great sense of joy, because sometimes, I want multiples of one dress, but can’t stand to cut it out multiple times. With my Fiskars rotary cutter, I cut up to 6 layers of flannel, which is 3 repeats of most pajama patterns! That means layout and cutting is done in about 12 minutes;-D Yay!

Here you can see just what I’m talking about.

You do have to be careful that the top layers don’t scoot ahead of the bottom layers. This means cutting a few inches, then moving your hand behind the cut fabric, and evening. Then ahead, then behind. It’s a ‘process’, but well worth it.This week, I’m starting the linen dress. To me, the dress set looks a lot like one of the dresses Michelle Obama wore during the innaugaration festivities. Let me see if I can put a link to the pattern here: Butterick # B5459

It’s very easy to sew the dress, and a bit more challenging to make the ‘cover-up’. My students can make this dress as their second project in about 4 weeks of class.

One of the other dresses that my students are using as a second step is this great Simplicity 2703 pattern. It’s simple, figure flattering, and a real confidence builder. It’s also a wonderful skill builder for new sewists because it ventures into darts, pleats and zippers. But, If you don’t have an instructor, or instructions on how to do these new skills, you want to have a companion book, because the pattern simply says, “make Darts”, with no instructions on how to do so. Hope you will join the fun in the studio. Don’t forget that I’m perfectly willing to teach you privately, if the class schedule doesn’t work for you.


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