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My Easter Dress!

April 4, 2010

I got my Easter Dress done in time! Yay. It wasn’t until Monday, that I decided to make one, and then decided to use fabric my mother left behind when she died.  It’s Valentino Jeans ‘shirting’ fabric. The bodice is lined with very lightweight silk, ordered from NYC years ago. It’s just impossible to find silk locally. I love the dress. This week, I’ll cut out 3 more dresses using this pattern, so I have several for this spring. It’s a very simple pattern, and I call the dress the “Michelle Obama dress” because the dress/coat look like something that she wore during the inauguration festivities.  Once the dresses are made, I may do one of the coats, so the other 3 dresses will probably have one color in common, so they can share the coat….. smart, Huh?

Ok, here’s the picture. bear in mind that my DH shot the picture with my phone and hasn’t a clue how to do that, so I’m running my mouth as the picture is being shot. Giving instructions on being patient and allowing time for the shutter to click;0)

He went to Easter sunrise service with me, as did my DD.

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