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Wonderful buy on Singer 7422 at Hancock on Broad St!

April 8, 2010

Hancock on Broad St just got a shipment of Singer 7422 sewing machines that are on sale for $89.00! I got a call about it and rushed over to buy one and was a little surprised that they are factory refurbs;0(  Here is a link to this machine on Amazon, where it costs over $170 (new), and check the reviews of the machine on the same page. Whenever possible, check the reviews on a machine before buying it.

Bought mine anyway and am very satisfied because, unlike my Janome studio machines, this machine has some decorative stitches, and the automatic buttonhole feature. It also has the buttonhole foot that the button fits into and the machine makes the button hole custom to that button. My Europro had this, but …. well, it was a Euro Pro, with all it’s problems. It’s still sitting in the studio waiting for me to remove the motor to use in making an electric spinning wheel;0) IMHO, Euro Pro is only good for parts.

Back to the sewing machines at Hancock. There are just a few in stock, so either go see if you like it, or make arrangements to come by the studio, and I’ll show you how mine works, and you can decide;0) When you get to Hancock, get Rose to help you and tell her I sent you! She is very helpful, as is Leslie. They’ll make sure you find what you are looking for.

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