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Sewing cycling attire

April 16, 2010

I’m working on sewing my first cycling jersey. Some of you know that I cycle and although I prefer to cycle on bike paths that are completely separate from the road, RABA cycles on the road, and I’m cycling with them some. So, in an effort to be safe and visible, I’m sewing my cycling jersey. I’m attaching photos of the jersey, the pattern, and the mess I’ve made in the studio with this project. I’m doing it without a special serger machine, and Love the results.

I want to finish the jersey today, but if I hang around to do that, I won’t get my ride in today;0)

The jersey pattern is for a pullover, which I’m converting to a zip up with a mesh insert, so i can unzip for ventilation, but maintain some semblance of modesty.  I’m also planning on adding pouches, which the pattern doesn’t call for. If you notice the pattern, the rotary cutter is there to hide the last item on the pattern, which is Briefs (blushing).

Gotta go for now, but hope to post more on sewing for cycling later. Interested in a “sewing for cycling” class? e-mail me;0)


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