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Still working on the cycling jersey

April 21, 2010

The cycling jersey was delayed a few days. The Jersey I was designing had a separating zipper that you could put on like a jacket. The problem is that the local sewing stores only carry those in very heavy zippers. I need a lightweight, long separating zipper. After searching a bit, I changed the design (because I want to wear my jersey), and went forward with  a half-zip jersey. I’d like to put a mesh insert in the front so I can unzip and cool down. I’d also like to have open-pits, and a few other changes, but I’m still working on the design, and awaiting the purchase of a serger. I may get a serger on Friday. We’ll see.

In the meantime, here are the pics. You can see that I managed to use some heat-set reflective transfer to put some falling hearts on the shirt for visibility. And a couple of pouches on the back. The reflective strip is crooked, because I should have put it on before assembling the shirt, but the nature of a prototype is that it’s evolving as it’s created. I love it!

You can see that I used flash in some pics to show the reflective quality of the tape, and without flash in others so you could see the hearts.

What do you think?


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