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Serger – Yay, a challenge

April 24, 2010

OK, there are a lot of second hand sergers out there for sale, and most of the ads say, “Never used” or “used just twice”. So my rapier-sharp-intellect kicks in and asks, “Why are all these sergers for sale that have never been used”. So I talk to some of the sellers, and they, quite simply, couldn’t figure it out.

Soooo, I bought a serger on Craigslist (Quite a fine one, I must admit. Thanks Mike) and spent a few hours acquainting myself with it’s operation, and set-up. It’s a little challenging, but the one I got is a Janome Memory Craft, with all manuals, and a video to assist in set-up. The documentation makes all the difference in the world folks. Even with the video, though, it took 2 tries for me (who really is very mechanical) to get this right.

I like the serger. Classes will be available in the near future. So, don’t sell your serger at a loss, contact me, and we will get you construction fabric items with it in short order. What kind of serger do you have? What has your experience been with it? What helped you most, or what do you feel was the most frustrating in your attempt to use your serger?

Oh, I do want to say, that this is a very nice serger and it was amazingly well taken care of. I also bought an embroider/sewing machine. It is a Brother and I’ll post about that next.

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