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Summer of skirts, and other sewing adventures

June 17, 2010

Well, thus far, this IS the summer of skirts. It seems I’m making quite a few of them. You have seen the gored skirts, and I’ve also been making some pencil skirts with the shirred embellishment. Last week, I went to the fabric store, and bought fabric for many skirts, and complementary fabrics for embellishment. As well as the necessary notions to complete the products. The skirt I am currently working on has an applique Sunbonnet Sue on it. The previous skirt is done in Rooster fabric, and every seem is encased, or felled.

As you progress with your sewing, it’s my goal to teach you a variety of seam treatments, so you can produce excellent, tailor quality work.

Here are some pictures of one of the skirts in progress:

And the finished product;

Click on the photo, so you can see the shirred embellishment.

Also, here are pictures on one of my students working on a project, where she made pillows for patio furniture out of hand towels! Beautiful work.

Often, in the summer months, we get terrible storms in the evenings. Some of those evenings, we are in the studio. ON the night this lady was making her pillows, we had a powerful storm, and were blessed by this beautiful rainbow afterwards. This picture is out the window of the sewing room of the studio.

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