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Dresses for the girls in Kenya

June 19, 2010

Just to explain a little, I am very blessed. The studio is wonderful. Everyday I go in to work to do exactly what I want to do, work for myself, and meet sweet, creative, amazing people. I AM blessed! So, I want to properly steward the good things God has given me, by being sure to share it with other’s who acknowledge that it’s from Him, and to be a blessing to others.

So once a month, I open the studio for volunteers to come in, and construct dresses for girls who benefit from a mission in Kenya. We make the size 10 and 12 dresses. As of late, the work days have fallen on weekends that coincide with spring break, Easter, Mother’s day, and other things that folks need to commit to. Our workforce has diminished from 10-12 people, to 2-3 people, sadle. On our best day, we made 8 dresses, I think. That was with 10 volunteers. At the end of the day, though, there were also about 5 dresses cut out, and ready to start being sewn, the next month.

Today, 2 visitors and myself were the volunteer workforce. Small pickings, but we got 4 dresses completed! No new dresses got cut out, for next month, but we really did a great job! Thanks Malinda, and Ellen.

Having the 2 volunteers, and their very positive attitudes got me aback on track;0) Thrilled to have the opportunity to give back to God and to my fellows.  Now, here is a proposal, Since the monthly workday is not working right now, let’s find an alternative plan.

If you have a group, wanting to do an awesome work project for these kids, call or e-mail me with a date that you want to bring your group, and I’ll work with you to provide a wonderful opportunity for your group to have a day of fellowship and service together. It’s a wonderful bonding experience. It’s not sewing lessons. Folks who come need to have skills for the job, whether it’s sewing, cutting out the fabric, or ironing. Generally, I can work with one group a week. If you can’t do this work, but are willing to pay a “baggage fee” for the dresses to go over with a missionary, let meknow, and I’ll get you set up to do that and get your tax deduction!

If this isn’t understandable, e-mail me, and we will start a dialog. OK?  And spread the word!


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