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June 19, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures of what’s been going on in the studio. “Has it been that you haven’t been busy in the studio”, you might ask. “No”, would be my quick response. No pictures and few blogs generally means that things are busy, or so much fun that I’m not taking a break to shoot. Right now, my son is just back from Afghanistan, and getting ready to finish his commitment of active duty in the military. He is also trying to get a very quick late admission to a wonderful college that’s fairly local. I’m cycling about 100 – 120 miles a week, including the 32 mile round trip ride to church. Don’cha bet people fight to sit next to me? (the hot, sweaty, red-faced lady).

So, although we had a Philanthropic sewing day today, my pics are not about it;0( They are catch up pics of my own fun over the past few weeks. I’ve been having fun with skirts. You can scroll back and see the skirt I did for Graduation, the Dress for Easter, and I’ve been flirting with pencil skirts and fun embellishments for them. Also, trying to get some seam treatments done, to show you, online. So, here goes:

Here is the first of the pencil skirts. It was the first one I made this year, to celebrate the loss of over 50 lbs. I feel a lot lovelier than I used to, but still have a lot of work to do. Let me say, “Thank you” to my friends, Ginger and Jim, who got me started back to Weight Watchers….seriously, and who got me back on my bike, after a punishingly long hiatus.I love you TWO (for so many reasons.) It’s made of a decorator fabric, rather than a fashion fabric, so it’s a rather loose weave, and yet, it’s my preference for skirts. You can see I’ve done some shirred ruffle to meander around the skirt for frivolity. I’ve done that on several of these.

Next, I wanted a lighter weight skirt, to fold up and put in a ziplok sandwich bag, so I had a clean skirt to change into at church. This skirt, and a very light-weight cotton or linen shirt will fit in a zippie, and come out fairly nice looking;0)

You can see a close-up of the shirred ruffle, here:

As every obsessive knows, you can’t have too much of a good thing, so here is the latest ruffled skirt, and I’ll show you and talk briefly about the seam treatments.

The seams are all encased, except some tight corners. The casing is double-fold bias tape. On this skirt, I used store-bought tape, but prefer to make my own to compliment the fabric of the garment.

Here is the back seam, and the facing, which are just encased seams:

Then, the side seams are a modified welt seam. I did a welt seam, but encased the exposed seam edge here:

Lastly, the hem is bound with hem tape and stitched up! This makes for a very professional look, but does take significantly longer.

After the seam treatment project, which is also a decorator fabric, I did yet another  skirt in paisley decorator fabric, and in blue/green combination. I’ve done quite a few items in these types of fabrics this spring. This one, has a little girl, strolling in her umbrella. Do you recognize her?

Yes, it’s Sunbonnet Sue! She is almost camouflaged in this skirt;0)

Though there are a couple more pictures, I’m tired and am going to “call it quits” for tonight.

Tomorrow, I’ll try to shoot some pictures of the dresses we did for the kids in Kenya today. They turned out very pretty and cheerful. Goodnight.

And I’d love to hear from you.

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