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One Class finished; Another begins!

November 1, 2010

Tonight’s sewing class was the last night of a wonderful session. The class was full with 4 students, and each student successfully made a pair of pajama pants, a double drawstring bag, and a zippered pillow. Tomorrow night’s class is a couple of returning students, and a beginner. The following Tuesday, another new student will begin, and the intermediate students of that class will branch off to be a Wed. night class for a few weeks. Sooo busy;0)  Unfortunately, things have been so busy that I have simply forgotten to shoot pictures of the progress in the studio.

Right now, I have openings for the class beginning next Tuesday and/or the following Tues. It’s a staggered beginning because some students need an extra week because they won’t be in town during Thanksgiving week. So they are starting a week early. If you are interested in the class, and can begin next Monday, there are 2 openings as of then.

I have openings on Thursday for intermediate students who are interested in continuing with garment construction as an intermediate student. If you know the basics of your machine use, and how to lay out a pattern, and can sew straight lines, you are an intermediate.  Monday nights are open for a class. I don’t currently have anyone signed up, and would be happy to have a Class on Monday nights, beginning next week 11/8/2010.

It would be fun to put together a gift making class for the holidays, or if you are interested in giving someone lessons for Christmas, I have gift certificates (which would have to be used in Jan, Feb. or March, as I will be out of town for a year after that….. but am returning).   Students have given gift certificates to 3 friends, and scheduled a Jan class of themself and 3 friends as a gift.

Two additional items. I’ve had several requests for Mother/daughter classes. I can do one in December, if we can find a day/time that works. If you are looking for a mother/daughter class, please contact me. AND, There is a kids class 8-13 years or so offered mornings the week between Christmas and New Years. This is also a great Christmas gift for the child getting a sewing machine for Christmas.

I’ll try to put some more pictures up this week.

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