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Par for the course

November 8, 2010

People are often very “put out” when I don’t accept registration the night of class. It’s for our own safety. Occassionally, though, the class gets advertised so late, or has openings so late, that after speaking with a student over the phone, I acquiesce.
BUT, I must tell you, that 90% of the time when someone says they are coming to class, but it’s not possible for them to drop the registration and fee off in advance…… But they promise that they will be there the night of class, check in hand….. they never show up.
For some reason, registrations were very late for the Monday night class this month, so I did allow 4 students to “late register” on the evening of class. True to form. 100% were “no shows”. Why do I never learn?
Well, I now have Monday evenings off for Nov. A pleasant experience were it not for my disappointment with my fellow “man”.
Please never “promise” me something. In the studio, it is the shallowest word. Promise comes from action. It is one’s actions that insure something.

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