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New! Christmas Gift Sewing Workshops

November 11, 2010

We are having so much fun in the studio these days. Some of the intermediate students wanted to concentrate on Christmas gift ideas. So we are. Last night, we made kitchen towels that have pretty, decorative hangers for hanging them over the oven door handle. We also made warm, fleece hats,

and quick pillows. Next week, we will be working on placemats, cloth napkins and table runners.

Some folks have been contacting me about sewing classes, and just can’t come on weekdays or weekday evenings. They want weekend classes. BUT, I need some time off, so I don’t teach weekend classes. That would mean every Saturday, or Sunday, I would miss the little time I have with my family, and I’d miss church. I can’t do that.

What I can do, however is some weekend workshops;0)

I’ve scheduled 3 one-day workshops to teach beginners to sew, and the projects they will be “learning” on are great Christmas gift ideas! How about that? I don’t have to commit 4 weekends at a time, but rather one Saturday, here, and another one there. Students only need to commit to one day at a time, because each workshop is a complete lesson, in itself. Problem solved.

Two of the workshops are for adults, and one is for kids. (that leaves Mom/Dad free to go buy Christmas gifts of their own)  Below are the workshop dates and descriptions:

November 20: Learn some basic sewing techniques through sewing some simple projects that are also great gifts!
We will make drawstring backpacks, hats and mittens, decorative tea towels, and pillows.
Sewing machines, materials and supplies are all provided in the workshop fee.
Workshop begins at 10 am, and ends at 4 pm.
You may want to learn to do each item, or just learn one, take advantage of the learning curve, and spend the day making many of that project on my machines.
Workshop fee: $85.00/person
pre-registration required by 11/16 (including payment in the studio by the 16th)
Maximum # of students is 8. Min. 4
If students focus on one project, they can get as many as 10 items done during the workshop.

Gift Certificates are also available to build a workshop like this for you and your friends in Jan, Feb. or Mar.

December 4: Learn to sew, while making wonderful Christmas gifts.
There will be 4 project options from felt slippers, to doggy jackets, bathtub puppets to arm warmers! What fun;0)
While you are learning some basic sewing techniques, you’ll be packing Santa’s sled with goodies for loved ones on your shopping list.
The workshop is from 10 am – 4 pm. Students/participants may work on multiple projects, or just focus on multiples of one project throughout the day, amassing gifts for under the tree.
Class fee includes materials for projects, use of sewing machines and instruction.
Maximum # of students is 8
Minimum # of students is 4
Class fee: $85.00
Pre-registration is required by 11/25 (including payment IN the studio by 11/25).
Hope you will join us for the fun

December 11: Kids Can Sew

learn to sew, while making gifts for Christmas.
Each student will learn sewing machine basics, as well as make several gifts suitable for holiday giving.
The gift/projects will include fleece hats, fleece mittens, a holiday ornament (bird), and a pair of felt slippers.
Materials are provided as a part of the workshop.
Maximum # of students 6
Minimum # of students 4
workshop hours are from 10-4 pm
Workshop fee: $100.00

Let the kids have a blast, while you are out getting your Christmas shopping done.
Pre-registration required by 12/1 (includes payment in the studio by 12/1).

We are going to have a great time (we always do), and you’ll have a head start on your Christmas Shopping. Come join the fun. Classes are limited to 4 or 5 students. Book a workshop with a friend and have a great Saturday, laughing, learning and making gifts for Christmas.  Hope to see you in the studio.

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