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Holiday Decor

November 22, 2010

OOOHHHH! I’ve been having fun in the studio. Some of you have seen my holiday (Christmas/Thanksgiving) napkins, well, I was so inspired by the Debbie Mum fabric, that I have made a table runner to co-ordinate with it. Here it is in progress. It probably won’t be finished more than an hour before I need it. You can see there is a good bit of hand-stitching to be done. So far, it’s been a big hit with those family members who have seen it.

Having special, hand-made home decor items really heightens my anticipation for the special day. With my father coming out to the house this year, and my son being back from his 2 deployments, I want to table and the house to be warm, and welcoming. This motif is very “cabin in the woods”-ish to me, and for our family, that’s sort of heavenly.

We just brought a more country/functional table to the house for our family to eat  at, rather than the kitchen island, where we have eaten all indoor casual meals for 11 years. Now, we will sat down as a family at a table, where we can relax. The runner will only go on the table when there is no food on it. I’m putting a mounting system on it, so it can hang over the hearth, or on the wall at other times.

Will post more later. For now, go enjoy making your house, homey.

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