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Sewing Machine Savvy classes to begin again in Nov 2011!

September 28, 2011

I’m returning from my cycling journey of the west coast earlier than expected and will be offering beginning Sewing lessons in October and Beginning Sewing classes and Sewing Machine Savvy workshops in Nov. and Dec., as well as Jan and Feb. of the new year. Please feel free to contact me about lessons.

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  1. Sylvia Sayles permalink
    October 13, 2011 10:51 am

    Hi Cherri!

    My sister and I were looking for sewing lessons in the area recently, and, thankfully, we stumbled upon your website! I was just wondering if your classes fill up fast, and if they do, how early we should register for one of your classes. Thank you!


    • rivercityweaves permalink
      October 14, 2011 11:44 am

      How quickly classes fill is variable. If you want to book a class, for just the two of you, or lessons for the two of you together, please call me, and we can set something up. I’m in town for a couple of weeks in Oct- Nov 3, then available for additional classes nearer Thanksgiving. We could get a couple of lessons in over the next couple of weeks, then you could apply what you’ve learned while I’m gone and determine whether you need more instruction.

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