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In the studio

October 31, 2011

This month, I offered a quick class. We are covering a full 4 week class in 2 weeks. How? Meeting twice a week. Tonight is the last night, but here are pictures from Thursday’s class:

Once we got the inside leg seams sewn up, there was some anxiety about sewing curves, so we took some scrap fabric, and drew curves, then sewed them. This is a very good bit of practice that you can do at home. In class we used thread, but you can do this without wasting thread, simply by not threading the needle. If you use the thread to see how closely you’ve followed the line, draw the curves on paper and you simply check out where the paper is perforated. When I was a younger woman, this is how sewing was taught in my Home Ec. class. We sewed swirls of concentric circles, and squares to learn to sew curves and pivot corners. It also gave the teacher something she could “grade” based on how well we stayed on the lines on the “mimeographed” sheets.

Sew Joyfully!

Hope to see you in the studio.

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  1. Kellie Holmes permalink
    November 7, 2011 4:23 pm

    Hello Cherri
    Welcome back and hope your ride went well. I was wondering if you do any classes with sergers. I bought one during the summer and have not yet even tried turning it on yet (let alone trying to thread it). Thanks Kellie Holmes

    • rivercityweaves permalink
      November 9, 2011 12:58 pm

      We can do a private lesson on your serger. Did you buy it new? did it come with a video? Have you watched the video? Sergers are usually intimidating until you get the machine out, with your cd and remote control. If you can watch the video and cut it off step by step, as you do as the video does. I am happy to help, though. Sergers are varied, though and I’d still like the video before lesson time, so I’m familiar with your serger. I’m happy to pick it up while I’m in town. Does that sound like a good solution?

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