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New in 2012 – After-school sewing class for kids

December 4, 2011

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After-school sewing

Beginning Jan 9, there will be an after-school class for young students. Just as in the adult classes, the class is as follows:

Students in this class will learn basic use of the sewing machine, including how to load a bobbin, thread the machine, sew a straight line, pivot a corner and zig zag. Next, students will learn basic pattern use to sew a simple garment. This project covers use of fusibles, seam finishes, seam allowances, use of seam gauges and much more. Students who have their own machines are encouraged to bring them and learn on their own machine.Studio machines are available for those who do not own a sewing machine.

Students with sewing experience should contact the instructor prior to registration, to discuss their goals for the class, and what projects will assist the student in accomplishing those goals. Class may repeat monthly and “grow” with the student’s skill set.

Mondays:  January 9, 16,23,30                    Class fee: $160                       Materials provided for the first day of class.

4:00 ish – 6:00 ish  (for the parent’s convenience, there are 15 minutes  of “grace”  to drop off early, or pick up late to accomodate other children’s schedules. When parents pick up students later than 6:15, there will be a $15.00 surcharge per incident. Parents who know they will consistently need both the early and late “grace”, may make arrangements to simply pay a larger class fee. ( pick-ups later than 6:30 need to be pre-approved).

All Parents: Please review the “Policy” page prior to registration. I know that kids are busy, but when you sign them up, we already know they will be dealing with homework, and other outside commitments. Class fees are lower than private lesson fees, and as a result cannot be made up as a part of the original fee. Parents may book a one hour private lesson at $40/hr. to make up a missed Class.


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