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December 4, 2011

There have been requests through the years for me to offer classes on sergers. It’s not as easy as it sounds. There are different kinds of sergers and it’s confusing to teach a group class on using a serger, if you don’t know the basics of your machine. Some sergers are 3 thread machines, some 4 and some 5. The various machines are capable of doing different things. Some machines are manual, and have to have tension adjusted/readjusted for each different seam treatment, while others have machines that are fully automatic and have  display screens telling them what to do to set up the machine. Even with these screens, a serger can be a very daunting experiment. Once you are familiar with it though, it is a very quick way to sew.

If you contact me about serger use, I’ll always suggest several things:

1. Be prepared to provide me with your machines, user manual, and if you have it, the video that came with your machine

2. Be willing to provide these several days prior to your lesson.

Why? Because sergers are different, I’d like to get to know your machine, and become comfortable enough with it so I don’t waste your paid lesson time, figuring out how yours is different than the one I had in the studio last week, and how that’s different from my own. It’s unfair to you for me to charge $ to teach you to use your serger, then for me to spend half the time, figuring it out myself. I use the time that the machine is with me to prepare for your lesson, and a develop a lesson plan. If you don’t have the user manual, let me know that, and I still need the machine to work it out, and develop a lesson plan based on your own machine. If you have a fully automatic machine, like a Janome Compulock, which is what I have, you wouldn’t need to bring it in advance. It is always recommended, whether you are a sewing student, or a serger student, that you bring your owners manual. If you got your machine off ebay or craigslist or otherwise got it second hand, there are still usually options for getting the manual.

Hope this is helpful to you in wondering why in the world I would ask you to drop your machine off in advance (sometimes, if you are in areas that I travel regularly, I can meet you to get it).

Over the next week or so, I’m going to be familiarizing you with some basic information on serging. No classes, or instruction on use, but terminology and what stitches to use when. I’ll also be posting the January class schedule. Don’t forget that gift certificates are available for classes or lessons, and that there is a kids sewing camp available the week between Christmas and New Years. I only accept 4 students in this class, so it’s small enough that your young sewist gets personalized attention.

For now, “Sew Joyfully”

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