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My apologies

December 12, 2011

It seems that the last time I posted the class schedule, a description for the intermediate class was substituted for the beginner class. As a result, the beginner class appeared to be for people who already knew how to use their machines. That’s not the case. If you want a beginner class, you are probably coming into the class with no idea about how the thread a sewing machine, or wind a bobbin. If that’s the case, you will be very comfortable in a beginner class.

This week in classes: The intermediate class is focusing on window treatments. Tonight, we focused on determining how much fabric is needed for replacing existing window treatments.  We used the measurements of the existing window treatments, and from that determined how many yards of the decorator fabric will be needed, and how many yards of the lining fabric will be needed. One panel was laid out, cut out and partially sewn. Next week, we will complete that “practice” panel, discuss any problems, and troubleshoot and then sew the panels out of the decorator fabric that will be the finished curtains.

The morning beginner class is working on garment construction. The students are working on laying out their pattern and cutting out their PJ pants. Thus far, they have been cut out, and the inner seam has been sewn. Tomorrow, we will sew the crotch seam and create the channel for the drawstring and make the drawstring for the drawstring bags.

The evening beginner class is working on curtains also. Tomorrow, we will lay out and cut out the project. The curtains are a backed, tab treatment curtain that has the tabs over a background fabric, rather than over the top. They tabs sort of form a channel across the front of the curtain. I’ll try to include pictures when it’s complete, or in progress.

Remember that there are openings in the January classes, and still openings in the Kids Can Sew! class between Christmas and New Years. Gift certificates are always available. Hope to see you in the studio. Sew Joyfully;0)

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