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Busy week means no posts!

December 19, 2011

What a week. We’ve had a couple of requests for sewing/cutting tables over the holiday, and have been busy little elves. We’ve built a couple extra also, for anticipated requests for the tables for gifts, or for the folks who want them after Christmas for the sewing machines they got for Christmas. These are the tables we use in the studio. They are approx 7′ long, and are padded and covered. They also have a shelf beneath them that we store the sewing machines on, or fabric. There is just enough clearance beneath the shelf for a 2-stack of the Rubbermaid-type drawers. Generally, you  can get 8 drawers beneath these tables. So, that’s one of the things that’s kept us busy. In case you are looking for one, the tables are $150 each. Yes, we have some available between now and Christmas.

Then, the kids are home from college and I’ve been sewing for each of them. PJ pants for one, and leggings for another. No sooner than the leggings are done, and I have a tunic to make. I’ve also been selling gift certificates for our classes, and each gift certificate comes in it’s own little custom, lined, fabric envelop. Busy, Busy. I’ll try to add photos once things slow down.

There are openings for the “Kids can Sew” class that is being held mornings between Christmas and New Years day. We meet from 9-noon. Paypal is accepted as payment, as well as cash/check. Sorry, but paypal is my only means of accepting credit cards.

The new class schedule is up for January and February classes. The Thursday evening, intermediate class filled to overflowing in a single night, but there are openings in all of the other classes. If you want to save your space, book as early as possible.

Just discovered that pics are no longer directly uploadable to They have to be “tagged” from photos that have been uploaded to Flickr. As a result, not all of my class adverts have photos attached. I just don’t always have time. sorry.

Here is what the sewing/cutting tables look like. The fabric is different for every table. There is no Toile, but you can provide your own custom fabric.

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