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What are you sewing?

December 26, 2011

#1, I really want to hear what you are sewing these days. If you have taken any of my classes, and currently have work underway, let me know what you are working on. You can do that via the “comments”, or via e-mail. I’d love pictures, and if possible, permission to share them on the blog.

I’ve been maing PJ’s, leggings, knit 10-way dresses  and other clothing to send back to school when my kids return to college in Jan.

Some of my students have come in to complete work also. Here is a picture of one of my students with her completed curtains:

There is a trim (or binding), a 4″ strip, a 10″ strip, with tabs over it, and then a larger strip and another binding strip. The dowel does go through the tabs. It was a very interesting design. We couldn’t find any instructions, so I had to make them up, from this picture:

This student did a great job, and you’ll never guess, that this was her first sewing project!

I decided to keep the last new sewing table for myself, but we are definitely making some more, in case you want to order one or two for your own sewing room. We usually make them about 7’X 2’and about 36″ high. They are padded and covered. You can provide your own fabric to have them covered in, to jazz up your sewing studio. Decorator fabric is best, but you can use muslin, ticking, or even quilting cotton.

This week is the week of the Kids Can Sew winter camp.Hopefully, there will be photos to upload.

I’m exhausted, so I’m closing this post for now, but please feel free to contact me if you have questions, and remember to send in pictures of your work.

Sew Joyfully.


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