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Window Dressing, blackout lining and heat insulation

January 7, 2012

Well, I’ve been working on making window dressings for the house in an effort to reduce the power bill. All the curtains are lined with partial blackout lining. Tonight, we put up the first pair with total blackout lining. The lining is vinyl on it’s wrong side and woven on the side that is visible once the curtains or drapes are completely made. We put the curtain up over the bed in the master bedroom, where we have had a terrible experience with drafts, or apparent drafts from the cold penetrating the double-hung windows. It’s not flowing through as wind, but rather the coldness of the window is cooling the heat we produce with the heat-pump.

Within 15 minutes of putting the fully insulated window dressing up, we noticed a big difference in the temperature of the room. I’m frugal, and we don’t open the curtains often, needing to keep the house cool in summer and warm in winter. As a result, I only make one panel for each window. This gives a solid barrier from the heat or cold, and we simply pull the curtain to one-side during the brief evenings or mornings that we want fresh air to circulate through the house in spring and fall. In the more public areas of the house, we have double panel drapery, or roman shades.

It’s been a blast making the curtains, and I’m hoping to offer a couple workshops on window dressings this spring. Though we are past the final registration date, I have openings in the Tues. night, beginner sewing class. It starts this Tues and we meet from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. We will be focusing on the basics of sewing machine use and pattern use for construction of projects. If you are interested in that class, just e-mail me and let me know you will be coming and Paypal the fee to me at:  . I’m a professional weaver and spinner also, which is the reason for that e-mail address.

In addition to the current, January classes, you will also be able to book lessons for February as a beginner, but if you want to take the intermediate class this spring, you need to pick-up the February beginners class, as I will be teaching all the classes in March, and then won’t have classes available again until May 1. Once you take the beginners class, most folks want to go on, to the intermediate, so plan ahead.  It’s just so much fun!

I finished the leggings and some alterations my daughter wanted in the clothes I made for her just as she was leaving to go back to school. She had mentioned that she wanted some cute boot liners also, and so we zipped up a pair of those, also. It was great to have my kids home for the holidays. This one, in particular, will let me sew for her, and she likes to get a specific pattern, and then the two of us talk about what’s good about it, and what she would like changed about it, and we try to create some unique items for her.

Personally, I’ll be working on window treatments for a few more weeks, so to keep you interested, I’ve decided to do a few book reviews. Tomorrow, I’ll be reviewing a book on using, adapting and drafting patterns for sewing.

Sew Joyfully!

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