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Catching up on the past week

January 27, 2012

It’s been such a busy week, that I haven’t been able to post. Sorry. I just thought I’d do a quick second post today, to bring you up to date on what else we did in the studio this week. One student is making her first sewing project – a pair of pajamas. If you follow this blog, you know that oftentimes that is the first project. Another first-timer is making a skirt for her daughter. It’s nearly finished as it only needs to be hemmed. Great job ladies! Then, I had a private student come in this week, for her second lesson. We had made a zippered pillow for her first lesson. She had done two more at home alone. Any time you can do homework of repeating at home, what we have done in class, you will re-inforce the lesson, and be doing yourself a big favor. Even though she had done a near perfect job, she wanted to repeat the lesson, including the method used to do the cutting out. We completed that lesson in record time, with beautiful results, and moved right into a new lesson on making place mats. She had brought quite a few fabrics for making 2 sided bound placemats ,and two-sided placemats with a decorative trim approx 1/4″ from the edge. Both turned out well. Pictures are below:

Another student is working out of the book on packs and pillows and other practical projects. This week’s lesson for her was a firewood carrier. I generally make a mock-up of student’s projects before presenting them in class, so here is the one I did. I also did a few coffee cozies that will fit those take-out coffee cups.

Then, last and definitely not least, I got some new and very quiet companions for the sewing playroom. 10 new fish. They are doing well, and help maintain a calm and yet energetic ambiance to the workspace.

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