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Completion of the Thursday night intermediate class

January 27, 2012

Last night was the completion of this wonderful class. In the class the students developed their own patterns for bicycle related items. One produced a prototype for a racktop bag, another for a handlebar bag. Other students made stuff sacks, box cushion pillows, and boxer shorts! What a wonderful group of students. Lessons included, developing patterns, creating 3-dimensional objects from fabric, installing zippers, trimming edges with bias tape and more, that has escaped me. Because each student was self-guided with regards to the direction of their project, it kept me on my toes, moving rapidly from student to student;project to project. It was challenging to flow with the arising needs, rather than controlling the flow of the class with a more planned approach.

Here are some of the projects completed last evening: The boxers, before,during and after:

Then, Dale finished his handlebar bag: As you can see, he completed it and tried it on the bike, then decided to add a “hinge” which covered the gap created by using a separating zipper. He also decided to add a skeletal structure to the lid, as he had done for the bag, and created a panel to support it. Then, he began experimenting with the grommet tool to work on rivets. He did a nice job, and now has that skill in his skillset for later use.

Joe finished class with a lot of set of skills that will allow him to take his prototype racktop back to completion when his fabric arrives. There was some difficulty in finding heavy canvas in the color that he wanted locally, so patient guy that he is, he doggedly pursued the information on where to get it and the appropriate metal closures and is awaiting their arrival. Thank you to Joe, for providing me with the contact information for these items and information on getting the hardware to continue to develop our work tables, which are a constantly evolving project. How the evening escaped without me shooting a single shot of Joe’s progress, I don’t know. But he worked on installing zippers and creating boxed corners. The darn boxed corners, though easy to create when planning them for a simple grocery bag, eluded us repeatedly as we tried to put them in the corner of a pannier lid. Funny how something can seem so vastly different when approached from a new direction.

Lynn did her zippers for the box pillows and completed one side of one pillow on the serger. The cushions are looking great and I hope to get pictures of the completed project. Perhaps Lynn will even come over and continue to use the serger to complete it. Here she is framed by one of her zippered panels for the box pillow:

The gripping question now, is “what to do with Thursday evenings”. If I can put something together quickly, perhaps I can get another class in before leaving on my next “big adventure” on March 6th. Classes will continue throughout February, as will private lessons. My January and February students are going to put their talents to use for a month, so that when I return in April, we can pick up with an intermediate class. New students wishing to get instruction in the studio should e-mail me at or call me at 804.556.9875. There are many openings for private instruction in February and several openings for morning and evening beginners classes on Monday and Tuesday evenings in February.

Sew Joyfully!

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