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Another Sewing book review: Sewing Packs, pouches, seats & sacks

February 1, 2012

Surely you’ve been waiting for another review of a book I recommend for your sewing workroom. This is not the book for everyone, but if you’re looking for instructions for making some useful household and recreational items, this might be right up your alley. The book, “Sewing Packs, Pouches, Seats and Sacks 30 Easy Projects” has very good, clear instructions on making very useful things for around the house.

One of my students picked the book up at and wanted me to help her with several projects from the book. Our first project was the wood carrier you may have seen several posts back. Excellent instructions and our results were exactly as we had hoped. After the wood carrier, Betsy asked me to help her with another project from the book. She is a new sewist, though not one to shy away from a challenge. Her inexperience is the reason she requested I assist her with these projects. After asking for me to prepare our next lesson to produce a jewelery pouch, she went home and tried it on her own. Voila! She had quick success, which is a testimony to the clarity and excellence of the book. This week, we are making a utility bucket caddy. I’ve just spent a couple of hours working on this project and must say that again, the instructions are “spot on”.

Betty Oppenheimer is obviously a very good communicator. The book doesn’t have photographs, but does have illustrations that are very clear to me. Now I have been sewing for over 40 years, but I often struggle with the confusion way that commercial sewing pattern instructions are written. That being said, you now know how simple and clear the instructions in this book are. We used the book often in the Thursday evening class that just ended. Although the book doesn’t have a handlebar bag, we were able to piece together projects in the book to create exactly what we wanted for our handlebar bag project.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. It will save you a good bit of money on silly patterns, when what your really need are good instructions. From shopping bags to stadium seats to garment bags, this book is chocked full of very useful projects.

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