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Last nights of class are sooooo sad:9(

February 1, 2012

Several students have completed the Beginners Sewing class and I’m not offering another intermediate class until April. That means that my new sewists are going to spend a month creating on their own and stretching their wings, with access by private lessons, or asking questions by e-mail. Then, a month totally solo. Then, intermediate classes can begin again, in April.

BUT, I think they are totally ready to fledge the nest. Check out some of these great projects created by my beginner sewists:

This student has made a pair of great plaid pajamas for her hubby, and now is venturing out to do pillows! What a great job. We will be awaiting some applause and comments to encourage these fledglings…… ahem……

Another student made some awesome placemats, and this was only her 2nd time at a sewing machine…. Can I get an halleluiah on this one? Look at those beautiful seams and perfectly pivoted corners;0) I’m so proud of my students.

Then, this little Momma made a great little black skirt for her daughter. She Can you see what a great job she did on blind hemming the skirt? That was the focus in several of the classes this week. It will come in handy for when the hem comes out of store-bought items also. Martha did a great job. Here are a few other pictures of these items in progress. If you click on the picture, some of them have notes with some more info on the items, or the lessons being covered.

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