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Much work in the sewing studio today

February 1, 2012

This day, was absolutely beautiful. The first Day of February and 71 degrees! I had big plans for today and all of them were outside. And yet…. it was 5:00 pm before I ever got out of the house. The plan was to throw together a new ironing board cover. There are tutorials all over the net, and there was no excuse for my cover to be so stained and nasty looking. Then, I needed to do a run-through of the project I was supposed to teach this evening. It’s just an hour and a half lesson, so how long could it take, right? Then, I’d been meaning to do some quick sacks to put spare bathroom tissue rolls in, so they didn’t look so utilitarian in the bathroom.

I began with the ironing board cover. Here’s the plan:

1. turn the ironing board upside down and trace around it

2. Cut out your fabric about 3″ larger than the board

3. sew seam binding around the edge

4. put a drawstring or elastic in and install it on the board.

Here’s how it actually went:

Choose the fabric you want to make the ironing board out of and change your mind about 50 times. Finally decide on THE one only to discover that you don’t have enough. Begin again and finally realize that you have a

great fabric that you are never going to use on one of the home dec. rolls!

Turn the ironing board upside down and trace it.

Cut out the new ironing board cover.

Get out the 5 yards of double folded, extra wide bias tape.

Realize that the silly foam padding under the existing cover is lame.

Get out the remnants of bamboo quilt batting I’ve been saving, Turn the ironing board upside down again, trace for the padding, cut and piece it to fit the new cover. Use heat set adhesive to attach it to the cover.

Decide to line the cover/pad with muslin.

Turn the ironing board upside down again, trace for the cover.

Sew the lining in place while fighting the machine as it continues with tension problems.  This Brother Pacesetter 8200 shouldn’t ever have problems. It’s too nice a machine.

Sew the bias tape on, decide to install the elastic as I sew the bias tape on. Remove the Bias tape and install the elastic as I sew the tape on, gathering as I attach the last half of the bias tape.

Sew the channel shut and put it on the ironing board.

Admire my work.

Clean irons!

Once the irons were clean and the ironing board ready for use, I began making the utility pail apron from the book I reviewed earlier today. I cut out the canvas, hemmed the pocket sides, trimmed the top with bias tape, sewed the pockets on, sewed dividers in the small pocket, installed the large pocket, trimmed the large pocket, and attached the large pocket to the backing. Finally, ready for a bike ride!

Gotta run. I never got around to cooking supper and I have a student coming in an hour and a half. Go play with your sewing machine and let me know what you made!

OH! and here’s my fine student’s work for tonight:

Sew joyfully!

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