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Playtime at the sewing machine

February 13, 2012

Today, a student brought in a book I had heard of, but couldn’t conceive of wanting for myself. It’s a book on sewing projects that only require that you be able to sew a straight line. Hmmmm???? What do you think of that? Could the projects possible be worth spending time on? Methinks, “not”.

Sew, I checked it out. She made a skirt in it and was interested in making a tote bag. OK, we can do the tote bag. Looks like the instructions are pretty clear and, well, to be honest, it looks very much like the last book I reviewed, only different projects. The instructions seem to be clear. There are very comprehensible diagrams for layout and cutting. It’s practical enough that I ordered a copy, to review, and to consider some of the projects for student projects, or the basis for some classes.

While glancing through the book, I noticed some boxy bowls, based on the same principal I use to teach bowls, but these looked excellent. They looked elegant. Something my life lacks. So, while I was teaching this student, I began working on an elegant cloth boxy-bowl. Once my class was over, I completed it, and intend to make a few more, for around the house and perhaps as gifts. It’s simple, could give a new sewist confidence to sew more, and quick! You must remember, though, never take short cuts, or get rushed to finish a sewing project fast. It seems to be the fastest road to mistakes.

Bear in mind, as you check out my bowls, that they may not be in the book. I really just saw what’s in the book, and devised my own version of what I thought was there based on a 2 second glance. I prefer to get a general impression of what another person has done, and devise my own rendition, rather than copy someone else’s work.

Tell me what you think?

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