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A BIG mistake when teaching sewing

April 28, 2012

For several years now, I’ve been teaching the sewing classes in my own workspace. It’s easy, because that’s where I keep all my materials and supplies. Beginning in April of 2012 I began teaching some classes at Hobby Lobby. I teach in a classroom that is available to teachers of a variety of classes and we don’t store out things at Hobby Lobby,  but bring everything we need to class.

This week, I’ve been very preoccupied dealing with family matters and have had to pack up my car in the morning for the full day’s appointments, as well as my time at the gym, and my evening classes. Thursday evening, at the end of a full day, I arrived at Hobby Lobby and stepped out of the car to realize that I had everything I needed but the electrical cords to the sewing machines!!!!! I was able to resolve the issue, because my husband had finished the workday and could bring them into town, then go to the gym. An additional complication was that with the sewing machines in the car, one of the machines had lost it’s presser foot and I couldn’t find it, rendering the machine nearly useless for the evening.

Because of this problem, I decided to make a sewing machine tote for each machine, so I can keep the machine, and the cord (as well as bobbins and tools) all together. Also, if a presser foot falls off, it will fall off in the tote and not be lost in the car, or a parking lot. I’ll try to post pictures when I have access to the mac.

Also, last week, I went to Joanne Fabric to meet a client. While there, I picked up some fabric and got a coupon for 30% off my total purchase for a shopping day this week. Today, I headed over and LOADED up! First of all, notions were already half off and I needed some spray adhesive (I only buy it when it’s half off) and the canvas to make the totes, but I also got some fabric for skirts, and a bodkin, a few magazines, well, you get the picture, without exactly spelling it all out for the hubster 😉 Anyhow, I wound up saving over $60 using that coupon. Quite a haul  today.

Since I teach at Hobby Lobby, I do want to be sure to tell you that they almost always have specials on the fabrics, and you can also download a 40% off coupon from their website and yes, you can do it on your smartphone and they accept it that way! Hobby Lobby Rocks!

The new sewing classes are on the schedule for May/June.I have Monday evening beginners classes and Thursday evening Intermediate classes.Hope you will join us!

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