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Falling back into rhythm

August 8, 2012

After a 7 week break from the studio to do a quick summer job, I’m back and in full swing. After finishing up the Monday night, Beginners class at Hobby Lobby with Pam, it seemed like we might need some fun time. So, Pam came over yesterday, and we made a pattern for a waist cincher. It’s a period piece and the picture is just a quick mock-up of how to assemble it, and a prototype to see if it would fit. The stitching you see, wouldn’t actually be there, but I was zipping through to get to the grommets and lacing loops. You wouldn’t use both, but we checked out both options.


Today, I’ve been working on a pair of pants that I’d like to have on my vacation. The pattern has been sitting around a while, waiting for me to pick up some muslin, to make a sample pair before committing my favorite fabrics to the project, but today, I just jumped in. You can see that I’m using both the serger and the sewing machine for creating nice seams with a very professional finish.   There are darts in the pant legs below the knees and the legs are constructed of various pieces also. You can see the horizontal seem here:  The two parts, upper and lower of the leg are assembled and then the seam is pressed upward and the seam topstitched to give a very durable effect. You can see that here: Don’t be frightened from using this Vogue pattern when I tell you there are 40+ steps in making this pair of pants. Though Vogue has a longstanding reputation for complicated patterns, I’ve got to tell you, that breaking it down in small steps certainly made it simple. The instructions are very clear and I enjoyed making these pants. Keep your fingers crossed, that they will fit 🙂

On another note. I have a Bernina serger that is about 12 years old. It needs a part and I went to the local Bernina store to pick one up, and the repairman acted like he had never heard of the part. When I proceeded to assist the repairman in finding information on the part, he told me that the machine is sooooo old, that those parts are no longer available. My response was that I have a Singer machine over 100 years old, which I can still get parts for…. that I can still get parts for Kenmore machines that are 50 years old, why would a company that charges thousands of dollars for what are considered precision machines no have parts available to me after just 12 years. He sputtered, and said something about the machine being out of warranty, and parts being made in China these days, but that’s true for those aforementioned machines also. It surprises and disappoints me that Bernina would not desire to accomodate their customers by having parts outside of the warranty period of a machine. And that their machines don’t have a warranty in excess of 12 years? Surprise, surprise, surprise!

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