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ongoings in the studio this fall!

September 25, 2012

Saturday, I got the great job of being Mother-of-the-groom! We had the most fun wedding I’ve ever been to and my son is married to the girl he loves.

Classes are going great at Hobby Lobby. I’ll try to get some pictures on Thursday. The Monday night class, despite having more students is somewhat ahead of the Thursday evening class. It’s not a race, but it is surprising. We are sewing pencil skirts. Our first class was about choosing fabric, reading the pattern envelop, and familiarization with the machine. The next class, we covered fabric layout, and pattern layout, then tracing the pattern and markings. The Monday evening class cut out their fabric as homework, but the Thursday evening class wasn’t ready to do that. We’ll get started on that in class this week. I think the difference is that most of the folks in the Monday class have sewing machines, and that’s not the case in the Thurs. class.

Students with machines, generally review our lessons at home, and get more homework done. No worries, though as we will all finish our skirts. Next week, we will insert zippers, sew up the side seams, and assemble the facing and the final week of class, we’ll sew in the interfacing and hem the skirts!

There haven’t been many pics of work in the studio lately because I took 8 weeks this summer to do a temp job that I love, then John and I went on vacation. Now, I’m moving much of the equipment to our new house, and it’s free-standing studio. All in the name of getting more fun done. The new house means many window dressings to be made, so I’ll try to post pics as they progress. This will be especially interesting, as I’m trying to use some new products and develop some ideas of my own, to insulate for maximum energy efficiency!

For now, I’ve gotta go. Registrations for the class beginning 10/15 still has 2 openings. That’s a Monday evening class in the far west end of Richmond, VA at Hobby Lobby.

A kids Christmas Sewing Camp is in the works for the days between Christmas and New Years. Gift certificates are available and yes, it will be at Hobby Lobby if I can work out the schedule with them. Class will be from 9am- noon, Wed, Thurs, Friday, Monday. Sorry it’s only 4 days, but we’ll meet for 3 hours each day and can cover a great deal of ground.  Class fee is $165 and covers 12 hours of sewing instruction. In addition, I recommend that you buy a Hobby Lobby gift card for supplies, which will run around $35.00.

I’m finally committing to a weekday morning class at Hobby Lobby also. I’m shooting for Tuesday mornings. We will meet from 9:30-noon, which is a longer class day than the evening class, but we will only have 4 classes, rather than 5. Total instructional time will still be 10 hours, though. That is the same as the evening classes. Class fee is $140. You can book by paying the fee through Paypal.

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