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January 3, 2013

Today, I will begin getting back to making insulated window dressings for the house in WV. Commissions for Christmas have kept me from this, and I’ve been very anxious to do it and decrease the power bill. One thing to be sure to have, is some good batting or insul-bright. I’m using Insul-bright. It’s two very thin layers of batting with a layer of silvery mylar between them. It’s great for Roman shades, or other shades. I’ve used it for tab curtains over the sliding glass door in Schuyler, and it has made a great difference in the warmth of the house. As I’m working on the windows in this house, I will also be producing more insulated shades for the house in Schuyler also. 

The windows here, are relatively small, but the largest window currently has a curtain that I made for the house in Goochland, but never installed. It has a flocked, light-filtering lining, that has a fairly high insulation factor also. If I were doing drapery, or curtains that needed to look softer and draperier, I would use the flocked, black-out lining. It’s stiff, but nothing like Insul-bright, or Fusiboo. 

I’ll try to post pictures later.

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