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Working in a Barebones studio

February 23, 2013

We have bought a home and are preparing for retirement in WV. It will be quite a while before we move…… years before I no longer teach and live in Virginia. We will be living half and half in WV/VA for several years, actually. Doing this, means deciding which belongings belong in which house. My beautiful, big sewing tables have been moved to WV, so I can work on quilts and decorating the house there. That means that my studio here, in Virginia has taken on a very barebones appearance. Here is my cutting table: IMG_0087 Notice that we have made “table extenders” on the legs, to raise it up to nearly waist level. This help minimize back and neck trouble from bending over, cutting and pinning, as well as ironing. Yes, I iron on this plastic molded table. I use quilted, heat resistant fabric as an ironing pad. One day soon, I’ll do a tutorial on making ironing pads for portable use. Anyway, I love this raised table and it’s very functional in my barebones studio.

Next, is my sewing area. It’s one of those old-fashioned folding tables. The ones that weigh about 40LB each. IMG_0085  IMG_0086

You can see my current quilting project on the sewing table. It’s another “Big Star” quilt. I did one for my husband an immediately, someone wanted to buy it. No, I didn’t sell his quilt. This one is for me. I love Valentines and wanted something in colors that reminded me of them, so pink and red, with some cream and black seemed perfect for this quilt. My room in WV has a beautiful Black and Pink quilt accented with red and white. I really love it and am thankful for the Amish woman who made it, but I wanted another quilt. One that I made, also.

Once these two are done, I’ll put them on my quilting frame and hand-quilt them. I can’t remember if I posted the wonderful story about the quilting frame, but I got it off Craigslist (just like the beautiful Bernina Artista in the photos). The frame had belonged to a 101 year old quilter from Pocahontas County, WV. I bought it in Madison, VA and guess where my house is that I’m taking it? Pocahontas County, WV! The lady actually belonged to the same quilting guild that I’m a member of, but years ago. I love these kinds of connections in life 🙂

Oh, here are a couple of pictures of the big star block:  IMG_0088 IMG_0089

Yes, I know my socks don’t match each other, but they do match the quilt block!

More later.

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