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Intermediate sewing class

March 7, 2013

We are nearing the end of the intermediate sewing class. The students who have come weekly are showing amazing progress. One student, who is only sewing her second project, is nearly finished a wrap around style top. It’s looking very nice. This student is diligent in doing homework and the results do show! Here are some photos:

DSC_0087 DSC_0090 You can see that it will have a collar, sleeves( with cuffs), an incorporated belt/tie and is quite an accomplishment for a new sewist. This student is very diligent to do as much as possible for homework, frequently going beyond the assigned work.

Secondly, is a student doing a skirt with faux pockets. She is an intermediate sewist, though I wasn’t her instructor as a beginner. Here is the skirt in progress: DSC_0092 And as she is working on the pocket flaps: DSC_0097.  This student is self-taught through her beginning sewing, and comes to me hoping to be a solid intermediate sewist. She is working on a pair of shorts in class, and has had the determination and confidence to repeat the in-class work to create 2 additional pairs of shorts at home, as a parallel project. She impresses me weekly, with her quick understanding of concepts once taught and with her persistence in going beyond expectations for homework.  DSC_0093 DSC_0095

One student is a fashion consultant. Her flair is taking vintage items and giving them a very updated flair and couture look.  She came into class with one thing in mind: mastering the poodle skirt. I have worked with her to understand the concept of how to develop that pattern for various sizes, and then, how to produce the skirt as a single sided garment and as a reversible. She works diligently in class, has great questions, and her hard work shows in her finished projects. DSC_0094 .

There are two additional students in the class. One is completing a pencil skirt, but due to many outside factors, she hasn’t made it to class often enough for me to have good shots of her progress. The same with the other student. Hopefully, I’ll capture their progress next week.   We are having a blast. The next intermediate class begins on 3/21 at the Short Pump Hobby Lobby in Richmond, VA. We meet on Thursday evenings from 6-8 pm. Cost is $150. To register, e-mail me.

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