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New Class schedule is UP

March 24, 2013

For those of you who don’t know it, this blog has various pages. This page is dynamic and changes each time I post. If you look at the header of the page, there are other pages. There is a page for adult classes, kids opportunities, a contact me page and the “policy” page.

I try to keep the Adult classes page up to date, monthly. I’ve just updated it for April and May of 2013. You will find classes for the Hobby Lobby at Short PUmp and the Hobby Lobby at Chesterfield. Both are great locations and in addition to having class there, you have access to any sewing supplies you will need for the class.

The class fee is $150. That covers 5 classes for a total of 10 instructional hours. We meet from 6-8 pm and must walk out the door at 8 pm, as the Hobby Lobby stores close at 8.  Please see the page for classes for descriptions of the classes. I offer beginners classes at Chesterfield and I offer both beginners and intermediate classes at Short Pump. As my student base builds at Chesterfield, intermediate classes will be added, in lieu of one of the beginners classes. Usually, about every third month.

Hope to see you in class!

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