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Parent/child sewing class

April 10, 2013

I’ve had several people contact me about wanting to take sewing, or wanting their child to take it. So, I’m trying to put together a parent/child sewing class. Looks like I can make it happen in May. I’ll offer one in Glen Allen, and one in Chesterfield. The class will be 4-6 pm, or 3:30-5:30. I don’t know the hours of the schools in those areas, so I can be flexible enough to accomodate the first students to sign up.

Age range for children is 6-15+. Once a student is 16, they can take the adult class is why it’s posted that way. This is NOT a mother/daughter class! Guys are welcome 🙂 Encouraged. Dad/son or daughter as well as mom/daughter or son. Or if you are an aunt or uncle and want to take a fun class with your niece or nephew, let’s do it!

In addition to this class, I do intend to offer a kids sewing camp once a month at each Hobby Lobby , if they can find space on the calendar for me. Generally, I offer them from 9 am – noon. If you are interested, it’s not a drop-in class. You need to book for the entire week. As I’m working up the schedule now, if you have suggestions for projects, let me know what your ideas are. Quilting? clothing? home decor? doll clothes for those Popular 18″ dolls? A Raggedy Anne class? A Teddy Bear class? What’s your fancy?

I’ll probably ask for the week of June 24 at each Hobby Lobby and teach mornings at one and afternoons at the other, unless I hear some ideas from you.

It’s OK to offer classes in your church, or have a group of kids/adults from church form a class.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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