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Great work by the kids :)

July 27, 2013

These girls did a great job. Here, you can see one student, working on inserting her batwing-like sleeves.DSC_0004Another, works on snipping all those annoying little threads. Generally, I recommend students keep thread snippers at the ironing area and clip all threads whenever ironing. DSC_0009 Didn’t this skirt turn out well? This young lady has gotten her own machine and you should anticipate seeing her designs at fashion week one day. DSC_0011The zipper was perfectly installed and the back of the skirt looks at good as the front. One of the great advantages of designing and/or making your own clothes is a perfect fit!  DSC_0012  Attitude adds so much to a good ensemble. Great job!DSC_0014

And since you’re wondering how that wonderful little bat-wing top turned out, here it is. DSC_0016 For any young sewist planning on making this as their first or second project, I definitely recommend using fabric that has a definite “right side” to the fabric. Assembly was a little difficult because we couldn’t tell the right side of the fabric from the wrong side. Once we figured that out, this young sewist flew through this project. The pattern calls for a lining, which this student opted to forego. We had to figure out our own assembly order, but what a great job she did. DSC_0017 Time was a factor, so instead of teacher the student how to make a tatted thread loop button hole, I shoed her how to use bias tape to make a simple button hole. Please click on the photo and look what a great job this very young sewist did on her stitching. DSC_0018 I am so proud of this young student and know she has aspirations as a designer also. Let’s watch for these two to emerge as young designers in a few years.

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