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October 10, 2013

Let’s sew:)
Last night, my beginner sewists at Chesterfield decided they are definitely continuing through October and into November. As a result, I can add 2 students on Wednesday evening. Similarly, Thursday evening, I have a couple students who want to continue,as on Monday nights. So, if you are looking for a sewing class in either short pump, or chesterfield, I have several openings.
The after-school classes are going well. At Chesterfield, the girls are moving along with their pj’s and the Thursday class is working on a strip quilt and a crochet project ( granny squares).
I’m loving it! Catherine, we’re going to miss you. It was great having you in our Monday night class. We are also losing 2 students to their soon-to-be babies! Have fun sewing baby clothes, taggie blankets and diaper covers.
Anyone want to have a “sewing for baby” class? How about a sewing baby shower? Everyone just sews 2 strips together, so that by the end of the shower, you’ve got a strip quilt!
If you are interested in a fun Christmas party/gift for friends, give them gift certificates to your “sewing” party. Absolute beginners can get together to make fun, simple gift items, while enjoying each other’s company and some yummy Christmas treats.
Call me and let’s plan it:D

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